Thursday, May 10, 2012

Canadian Exports

One of my staple brews in Canada was Keith's, so imagine my surprise to find these on the shelf in south Florida. Good on ya, Maritimes! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Those who like it A LOT

Its been three years, but I finally made it back to the Gulf for cobia fishing. Of course this year has been horrible for cobia. They just aren't seeing them. But we went anyway, just in case.
 I spent a lot of time feeding the sharks! Always finding new ways to give back.
 We had a great first day of fishing, except Brett, who struggled with sea sickness, which was understandable for the 10-12 foot seas we contended with and the scotch he got into the night before.
 Despite the bad year, we managed to coax a cobia out of the water! While bottom fishing! So cool.
 Also a new one for the BackAtcha and I was the bull dolphin or mahi mahi.
On Day 3 Jenny and Greg joined us for a nice haul of amberjack and mackeral and a SAILFISH right near the boat. It was ten kinds of amazing!