Monday, May 26, 2008

Busy Memorial Day Weekend at Home

Us government employee's love us some 3 day weekends. After a scrapped plan to road trip to South Carolina (sorry Julie), I managed to find several ways to spend the money that would have gone to inflated gas prices. Slowly but surely, I have been making improvements to make my apartment suitable for more than one person. I had to kick that plan into overdrive this weekend, when my best friend Jenny said she was planning on visiting. We had talked about a girl getaway weekend, but we could never decide a place. To end the torment, she decided to come over to the Red Carpet City for a long weekend.

The kitties and I kicked up our game and made some real progress on sprucing things up...a new bed was purchased, thereby making existing one available for guest occupancy. Max and Annie are clearly grateful for a firmer mattress, and assure me tha it should mean they only need 20 hrs of sleep per day, instead of 22. They are all aflutter about who is going to sleep in which bed now, so Jenny and then Xandi (and any other future guests) better get ready.

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