Friday, November 21, 2008

Backlog Blog

I will summarize my blog silence in pictures: Took Veterans Day and headed to visit my friend, the world-class designer, in Memphis. while he was busy busting walls apart, I stole away for a homecooked meal at Mtown's oldest cafe, Arcade. The broccoli with cheese was a supreme disappointment. In a very short time span, the team demolished, rebuilt and reopened the restaurant with a facelift. The website is still under construction, but we will keep watching for updates. Sole Restaurant and Raw Bar, the new hottest spot in town.

A few days later, I packed my bags and headed south. SETAC was in Tampa, FL and luckily the sun was in attendance. We managed to soak up some rays in between talks, it made it difficult to leave the patio and soak up the science. That meeting went well, but it is over, and I am further north in Melrose, FL to spend the week with my family. Plus I have a lot of sleep and silence to catch up on. Conferences mean talking too much, sleeping too little. Time to recover.

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