Saturday, December 13, 2008

Turducken Rears Its Ugly Heads

Time has come again for the annual Turducken here in Vicksburg. Before we unveil Turducken III, let's look back to times gone by...
2006: Turducken I: On a whim, Jeff and I decided we could pull this off. We used wild mallards, extreme stuffings, and it was a triumph beyond our wildest expectations, especially for those who said it couldn't be done (by 2 immature butchers).

2007: Turducken II: New and improved adapted with a domestic duck, 2 new stuffings, and met with rave reviews. Especially by those who ate shot last year. Hip, Hip, Hooray!! We had a small turkey which presented some logisitical issues. Once the glow had worn off, we vowed to go big in 2008.

And today is the day...we have a new venue, co-hosts, and are expecting RECORD numbers. Here's hoping we knock it out of the park.

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