Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working the Weekend

You know I am not used to working on the days following Friday, and I did quite a bit of whining about having to this time. But the Nation's capital received me warmly. I flew in on Friday morning, got checked in, took a conference call and then met up with Kim. We got on the bus and hit the mall for a "pretty" afternoon. Back in grad school we used to have pretty weekends, but time is a limiting factor now. Then we traveled back to her neighborhood and had a lovely dinner outside on Bethesda Row at a restaurant called Levante's. Food was great, and we had lots of catching up to do. I headed back to MidTown and we made plans to hit the Eastern Market the next morning for veggie shopping and brunch. It was a beautiful day for both. I headed down to the National Mall for my weekend charge: judging projects in the National Sustainability Expo. And so I did all afternoon, then I was free to walk (did a lot of this activity) to meet up with Mary Beth and her SFA buddies who were hosting a film festival at Johnny Half shell that evening. Fun doesn't even begin to describe the rest of the night. Sunday, more work, less sun. Monday will wrap up the scoring of the projects and we will have the awards banquet. Then home on Tuesday. Yawn.

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