Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turducken 4: Back to Basics

We got off to a late start, but this story begins like all the others...a turkey, a duck, and a chicken walk into the kitchen.
Remove plastic and gross internal parts, rinse well. Make stuffings (photos not available). Choices this year included Sausage, Apple, and Cranberry Dressing, Dirty Rice Stuffing (livers excluded), and a cop-out Pepperidge Farm Herb stuffing.
Remove bones from all birds except legs and wings of turkey, solo effort this year meant no photos were available without mass foodborne pathogen contamination of camera.
Bake for 8-9 hrs, until internal temperature reaches 165 F, I overshot this temperature for fear of undercooking. Lack of bones lessens the risk of overcooking and resulting dryness.
Obligatory cross-section. Plate shown here was painted by my Grandmother in 1973, one of my favorite things from the forced inheritance of 2006.

Smiles all around, as another successful Turducken emerges. Crowd numbered over 30.


JAY, DENISE, and JAMES said...

GREAT food and great party - so glad we were able to make it this year! Thanks again Sandy :)

Sarah said...

thanks a million Sandy! It was great food and great people!!

Sarah said...

Thanks a million Sandy! It was great food and great people!!