Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Favorite Season

Is coming up next! I love the fall, it means cooler weather, football every weekend, and for most of my life, going back to school. As a new homeowner, it means a fall garden! I just ordered seeds to plant beets, carrots, kale and chard.

Now I just need to contend with the burrowing animals in my backyard. Time to watch Caddyshack for method development.

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Ned said...

Don't freak out about the moles. I know I went all crazy the first year when I would see our squash plants dancing in the moonlight because of some burrowing critter underneath. I tried castor oil and some kind of poison (I think), and finally went and got a pitchfork and was prepared to get all medieval...then I read that the moles aren't actually eating the plants. They eat worms and bugs in the dirt; they're carnivorous. They might jostle your stuff a little, but they shouldn't be eating it.