Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Means War

Mom and Dad gave me a new birdfeeder for the backyard for my birthday in early December. By the end of the month, the monstrosities called squirrels had their way with it. They somehow got it off the shepherd's hook, broke several of the perches and dumped the seed out. I am offering bounties on their heads, should you want to teach your children hand eye coordination with a slingshot.


Michelle Bourne said...

I've got a pellet gun you can borrow. We have the same problem, it's quite frustrating!

jhl_3 said...

I'd offer as well, but borrowing Maxine, who seems to be a trained killer, may do you better. I also wouldn't put it past raccoons because I know they dismantle the ones that we don't have protected by a raccoon baffle.