Thursday, July 21, 2011

So much for colder weather

When I looked at the weather for Wisconsin, highs were in the 80s, lows in the 50s and I happily packed my jacket. Then a heat wave followed me up here. Today was the last day of the workshop, and I took advantage of a loaner bike to head downtown and sweat off about 5 lbs. It was hot. But I wore my helmet anyway, safety first.

By then I had earned some liquid refreshment. Shown here, a beer called Spotted Cow made by New Glarus Brewing Co. Yum. Now it's time to go home, back to the heat.


Sarah said...

Where in WI were you?
I <3 WI. beer, cheese, lakes and rivers, german food. what more could you ask for?

Replaced Southerner said...

Racine. I had an artisan, organic bratwurst one night that had more jalapenos than pork. It was life changing.