Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warrior Dash!

After an early morning and two flights,  I got back to Jackson and made my way to the Warrior Dash, just in time to see Jay and Denise cross the finish line! I was a little sketchy on whether I could do some of the obstacles, but I was successful in all pursuits, and I had a BLAST! Some bruises and a good scrape on my shin are the only war wounds, and those will be mostly healed in a few days.

 My new friend Heather. We commiserated through the race, since we were both running solo.

Team Lindsay and I posing and already thinking about the Mexican food we were to consume as a reward.

And speaking of rewards...Excited before the race! Fire was not as high as I thought, and as you can see, I was all smiles once through it, so I was not aflame.

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