Friday, January 25, 2013

Can you Dig It, Will?

 A couple of weeks ago, Will Kennedy turned THREE! 
I got to hang out with Lauren before she had woken up all the way, I promise I didn't make her cry. My overalls were in support of the construction theme of Will's birthday.All the kids got fun hardhats with their names. Grady threw his to the back, cause he's got it like that. 

Will was the cutest during the singing of Happy Birthday, had his mouth open in awe as we belted out the song in his honor.

Will and Manu sat at the school desk and ate, little Grady just wants to run with the big boys.

John didn't want to be anywhere but in the arms of one of his parents. 

Will loved the kiddie pools full of rocks. 

Sweet Leo loves milk. Fun for all!! 

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