Saturday, February 7, 2015

Union Market

Barrett watched some English league soccer this morning at the Irish pub around the corner, freeing me up to get my chores done. This allowed for a midday trip to Union Market, in Northeast DC. We took the metro then walked, so not knowing where we were going, stumbled into some Chinese goods stores, cheap produce stands, and finally found all the yuppies. 
There was a lot to take in, but we were taken with the meats, spices, and this bread pudding below. We just had the sample cup, which we confirmed has no calories :)

It has all the ingredients that one would want in life and it was wonderful. We rounded off our adventure by hitting the Italian deli, A Litteri, for lunch and wine with a screwtop. Very successful excursion!

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Mary Beth said...

Glad you got to our favorite Italian shop. I miss it! Stock up on olive oil while you're there.