Thursday, September 24, 2015

Babymoon! Day One

Back in the winter, we were freezing in DC and dreaming about warmer weather, so we booked a cruise. No idea that it would then become a baby moon. But it was! I did little on the boat but sleep, read and eat. I consumed three entire novels and countless calories. We left from the Port of New Orleans and I was excited to see the lower part of the river and the Southwest Pass into the Gulf. I think I was asleep by then, but I wanted my enthusiasm recorded for posterity.

But before we get there, we should get to NOLA. We opted to go down a day early, to enjoy the Crescent City a little. We took the train from Jackson. The in laws dropped us off, and the nieces were so into the train, that Pop bought them tickets to Hazelhurst.

They were so excited to take their first train trip! We stretched out in our seats and had a snack, and before we knew it, the train stopped in Hazelhurst and the girls met their ride. We enjoyed having them as companions for a little while.

There was a bachelor party traveling on our train, and Barrett had a great time with them, taking shots and doling out marital advice. ;)
We had dinner at a GREAT restaurant, the Italian Barrel. Bob & K called ahead and told them we were celebrating, so they decorated our table and gave us super special treatment. It is a definite do again! I made Barrett order wine so I could simply inhale the aroma. 
The next morning before Mass, we hit one of our favorite breakfast spots, the Ruby Slipper. I had the croque madame and it did not disappoint. This might have been the last salad I saw for a few days, too.

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