Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Time in the Big Easy

Bummer, I left the camera cord at home, so I cannot upload any pictures until tomorrow evening. But I can tell you about it. 24 hrs and we are having a blast down in New Orleans. After watching Interview with the Vampire before coming, we went on a Vampire Tour starting at St Louis Cathedral and walking all through the French Quarter. This morning we went to the Aquarium of the Americas along with a million school kids, and checked out one of the better aquaria in the country (imho). We also saw a very powerful film about Hurricane Katrina and the loss of wetlands. Then we hopped on a streetcar and went up into the Garden District for a fancy cup of coffee and snack. For dinner, we met up with my friend William, who las lived here for about a year, and it happened to be his birthday. We went to the Port of Call for some local color and HUGE burgers. Thanks to William for sharing his birthday with him and for the driving tour of the city.

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