Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Outback Wildlife

Eastern Gray Kangaroo, looking upset for my asking him to pose for a picture.

Cockatoos were EVERYWHERE and louder than I could have imagined. Makes me glad quieter North American birds, at least first thing in the morning.
And the famous Kookaburra, from the song we learned as kids about them sitting in a gum tree.

Thank goodness all the wildlife we encountered was in good health, since I didn't bring any resuce gear.


JAY & DENISE said...

I love the bird photos! Keep them coming!! So glad you're getting time to get out and enjoy the countryside!

Mary Beth said...

That kangaroo looks mighty fierce. Maybe you should bring along first aid kits for yourself on these adventures, lest one goes crazy and attacks!

Ro said...

if anthony were a kangaroo, he would be that one...i'm just waiting for him to snap at you for another martini or something! hahaha!