Friday, September 26, 2008

4th Excursion of Delta Diners: Bourbon Mall, Bourbon, MS

I am forced into premature blogging by The Ware House's mention of this website in association with last night's Delta Diners excursion. I wouldn't want to disappoint my loyal fan base.

Personally, I loved the stop in Leland for a CLEAN bathroom and restocking of the cooler. Here are the reasons I loved it:

1) we had to be buzzed in the door (someone look up the crime rate in Leland, MS and prepare a cost benefit analysis for a remotely controlled door)
2) live minnows for sale

3) no sales tax and proof that Rob does know how to stock a cooler (look, Todd!)

4) several men having a in depth conversation under a display of fishing poles

5) they shut out the lights while several Delta Diners were still inside using the facilities

6) a VW beetle covered in dirt and mud (nod to RH "you boys been muddin'?")

7) they serve Po Boys and Muffalettas (can we add this location to the Delta Diners list?)

Okay, onto the good stuff. Bourbon Mall exceeded expectations on so many fronts. We had an entertaining waitress who repeatedly coerced our laughter with tales of her daily exploits of extraordinary customer service. Also, of how her boss seems to have radar on when she accidentally says something inappropriate to the patrons. I think she sat us in the back room for just this reason. Right off she pegged Ned for as a problem child and warned him "you're mouth is going to get you in trouble." She bought us a basket of fried tamales for sampling, she upgraded my T-bone to a porterhouse at no additional charge and told me "just shut up about it" when I tried to thank her. I shamelessly shared my bounty with Kristen, who's dinner was delayed by the chicken breast selection, and Liz, who ordered the stuffed catfish, but still wanted steak. She was right to make a request, that slice of cow was so good, Rob and I felt the need to be thorough (see below). At least I draw the line at licking the plate (in public).

'Til next month's dinner, we leave the Delta as content Diners once again.

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