Thursday, February 5, 2009

Food Network Challenge Comes to Vicksburg

And I was the victim. In a harmless gesture, I offered to make football helmet cakes for the Super Bowl. My good friend, Michelle, bought this cake pan for me many years ago and every year since, I have made at least one cake. Although I wasn't hosting, Todd and I agreed cake would be a good idea. Everything was fine. Enter Rob, with grand plans for fondant, colors, stencils, all to be executed within a 6 hr time frame. Well, despite resistance from me, he managed to assemble a top notch task force to achieve his vision. My cake was dark brown not black, as the Steelers helmet dictates, and The Ware House cake was meticulously decorated with 4 colors of fondant and stunning accuracy. I regret to inform my readers that there is not a side by side picture available for the finished products.

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