Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clash of Cultures

This weekend was the Miller Lite Crawfish Boil in Jackson, and the acts were numerous & varied to appeal to as many people as possible. And I think it may have worked. Performances were brief and gratifying. LL performed and played to the crowd, bringing 20-30 people on stage to help out with a few songs. He played newer songs, and a few crowd-pleasing classics, including "I'm Bad" and "Rock the Bells." Skynryd came on and did not disappoint with familiar sounds of "Call Me the Breeze" and "Tuesday's Gone" with far reaching favorites of "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Freebird." It might be trite, but I think it is something special to see those songs performed live.
Thanks to Todd and The Ware House for securing tickets and Party Deck passes!

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