Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Intern Lesson: Part 1

Seems like I should have been posting more about the intern this summer, but since she is an official member of the working class, we have had fewer photo ops. I had to travel last week, leaving the very capable intern to fend for herself here in Vicksburg. She did very well, save a couple of casualities, of which I am not seeking replacement, rather offering to those out there as a lesson learned.

Pre-heated oven containing pizza stone (it lives in the oven) + frozen lasagna=broken pizza stone

Lesson: As miraculous as my pizza stone is, it just can't deal with the thermal differential described above.

Need for measuring cup (I suspect for Kool-Aid, though unconfirmed) + proximity of Granny's china+ butter fingers=broken cream dispenser
I glued and will repurpose as a decorative container for something non-liquid. Lesson here involves looking more thoroughly for proper measuring vessel, or just estimate the measurement. It's just Kool-Aid, not nitroglycerine.

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