Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Girl who Played with Fire

These antique heaters in the bathroom run on gas, and I am not sure the previous owners ever used them. Growing up electric, I fear most gas-powered appliances. At dinner on Thursday, Paulette was telling me how good they were, the ceramic tiles heat up quickly and heat the whole bathroom. This weekend, my trusty handiman, Arch, showed me how to operate them, and convinced me they were safe. Success!!
The experiments with the fireplace were less successful. Sure, I made fire in the box, but the smoke was not properly directed out the chimney. Some was, but the kitties and I are victims of mild smoke inhalation. Anyone know a good chimney sweep?

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Sarah said...

i too suffer from fear of gas from years of electricity.

i was able to get the dude from top hat to come out to my place a couple years ago. he did a good job, but was difficult to schedule. He ordered a replacement damper for me but it came back the wrong size. when he re-ordered the damper it never came back :(