Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Whirlwind Trip

5-7 November: Drive to Athens to meet friends for the Idaho State-UGA game. Game was exciting for a few minutes, but Bulldogs win 55-7. Pretty soon we got tired of standing for each score. More enjoyable were the restaurants we ate at each night, Farm 255 on Friday and the National on Saturday. Though I am not a vegetarian, I couldn't resist the harvest plate full of vegetables at each. Both were exceptional, but different in presentation. Just another reason to love the South.

7-10 Nov: Rise early on 7 November to catch a flight to Portland, OR for SETAC North America. It was "fall back" for clocks, but 0400 came early anyway. There was ice on my windshield, and it was becoming clear I was unprepared for true fall weather. It rained some, but all in all, a great meeting and excellent reunion with some of my favorite scientists. As fate would have it, Kelly and I stumbled into a karaoke bar that we had enjoyed in 2004, when SETAC was there for the World Congress. The Galaxy was eerily familiar, and a still recipe for good times. Until I realized I had only 1.5 hrs of sleep before having to catch another early flight.

10-13 Nov: Fly into Atlanta, drive through beautiful northern GA to get home for a few days. Celebrate Veteran's Day with my dad, as it was his 60th birthday. We take him to a decoy dinner, so that on Friday he doesn't suspect the surprise we had planned for him. Somewhere in the middle here, I delivered an invited seminar to my alma mater, MTSU Biology Dept. Lots of family in the audience and the Friday afternoon time slot made for a non-combative reception. Happy hour was needed post seminar, pre-surprise party, so my sister and I enjoyed the patio at Camino Real before heading to Manchester.

Saturday was for family visiting and the road trip home. Made record time, with only one stop at Sam's in Meridian, MS for gas, dinner, and groceries.

So. Good. To. Be. Home.

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