Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I heart houseguests!

Delays to the blog are a function of many things, but I choose to blame my impossibly slow wireless at home. I was fortunate to have houseguests recently, hailing from the distant lands and other countries of Canada and Texas. Leslie and Lila made the early morning flight from Houston for some visiting with old friends and Kelly and Tim flew in from New Brunswick and road-tripped from Nashville.

We sat in the shade at the World, while Tim and Kelly calculated whether it qualified as a dive bar. It scored higher than any other bar they had sampled. Lila chased the cats and evaluated my housecleaning skills (she was not impressed).
She met some of the locals, Sarah Steevens and Will Kennedy. Picture stolen from Team Kennedy's blog.
And she LOVES pudding! Soy, of course.

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