Monday, August 13, 2012

Ooh-LA-LA Supper Club

We hit France this time, and it was a great choice. How can one go wrong with all this butter and cream? You can't. First attempt at chocolate souffle was delicious, but I think there is room for imporovement. It didnt "puff" as much as I had hoped for, and we all liked that it wasnt SUPER sweet. The raspeberry sauce helped with that.

Denise and Jay had their hands full with two kids, one of which, shown below, was in rare form. All this in addition to preparation of their French dishes, scalloped potatoes (probably one of the best potatoes I have ever eaten) and chicken cordon bleu, which was really good.
Not shown was the viccychoisse, the potato and onion soup, served cold with popovers that didnt pop so well. Lots of room for improvement, but I think we could all live with another visit to France.

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Al and Christina said...

Yum! That sounds much better than our dinner of grilled cheese and apples. :)