Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busted roadtrip, busy weekend

Once I snapped out of survival mode, I knew I would need some projects to occupy my attention. Well, first a day full of football. Then I got my chores going! Lots of hurricane debris to pick up, which led to trimming ivy near the garage, and discovering a wildlife wonderland.
the kitties were tortured by a skink who got in the house and perched out of reach.
So they laid there and pretended to fit on the windowsill.

For the upcoming brewing marathon, I made a chalkboard in the basement. Plus I can maybe use it for sketching out new projects with Arch. Har har chuckle chuckle.
And my beloved outdoor chairs got a fresh coat of paint. They weren't rusty so much as stained from falling, rotting pecans. 

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