Friday, April 11, 2008

California: Trip 1

Jessica, Jenny and I loaded up on a plane last Friday after the bad storms, heading to SoCal. We were in search of lizards, not just any reptile, but the commonplace Western Fence Lizard. Despite tornadic activity, we made it to Riverside, CA and had an early field date with Kristy. So, off we go, up to Box Springs, heaving and hacking our way to the top (we live in a very flat place). Only the clouds did not part and the sun did not shine, meaning the lizards did not bask. A busted field day meant "found time" for us Mississippi Queens! So after careful debate, we opted for some sightseeing south of town. We found ourselves in soCal's wine country-Temecula. It was torture, but we managed. Even when they forced us to take a tour of the winery. Horrible people.

The next days, the weather cooperated and lizards were everywhere. We were soon good at this crazy collection method. A noose, made of fishing line, tied to the end of a bamboo fishing pole. Yup, you read that right. I am working on the movie clips to publish documentation of this.

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