Monday, April 14, 2008

Inaugural Delta Diners

Mary Beth (see Fellow Bloggers) has finally mobilized us to trek into the Delta and sample some local cuisine at family owned resaturants. She and her buddies from SFA and Ole Miss do this, and she is trying hard to get us onboard. We relented, loaded up in the car and headed to Greenville, MS to the original Doe's Eat Place. It lived up to its name and then some. Photo credit goes to Kirk for those I have posted, and I will link to Mary Beth's Flickr site for those interested in more. I will post mine when I get back to Vicksburg and my camera cord.

Stay tuned for more Delta Diners adventures, and please suggest some locations that we can add to our list.

1 comment:

KK said...

The pic outside of Doe's scarily reminds me of the Pub in the Boro, circa 1997.