Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Lively Night in Vicksburg

Quiet Sunday dinner party on the sidewalk in sleepy little Vicksburg--think again! We had quite the adventure last night as we braved the heat and humidity. Todd rolled out the grill, Rob ordered the drinks, we enjoyed steaks and Greek Gazpacho, made with fresh local produce from the Farmers Market and Ned and Mary Beth's (we miss you guys) backyard. Although it had more salt than the Dead Sea, it was still tasty, and even better today, as I added in another 10 tomatoes to counteract the oversalting. The award winning phrase from Mr. Robert Ware: "it's like a salad that's already been chewed."


Mary Beth said...

Happy to contribute, since we couldn't be there to provide our usual witty banter!

Anonymous said...

I took care of all the witty banter (wink) or at least provided a few off color remarks everyone thought were jokes. Thanks for the good grub, I thought it was perfect. The mosquitoes seemed to like the salt and your hair was well received by all! Robert