Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Too Busy to Blog?

Seems incomprehensible, but somehow true. Good times abound here in Vicksburg. The weekend was a lot of fun, as we recovered from GEMS camp and prepared for the party of the summer (this could be read as a challenge). John and Blair were married in the Big Apple back in early May (see previous posts), and we finally got around to TOASTING THE TIRPAKS this past weekend. They were expecting a low-key party at my place, and we surprised them with a New York themed party in the Big Apple Suite at the Ware House! We had food "on the street" and Little Italy next to Chinatown. Signature drinks included cosmos and apple-tinis. We ran 2 slide shows of wedding photos and sprinkled in some NYC photos from those of us who played tourist before and after the actual wedding. I can say it was one of the best parties I have been to since moving to Vicksburg, and I actually managed NOT to ruin the surprise for a change, although I almost did with a text message flub-up about the Sports Bar vs. the Lounge. Thanks so much to all of the Ware House staff for planning & coordination to make this a surprise for our friends!

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