Monday, March 9, 2009

Taking it to the Bridge & Dancing with the Stars!

The spring weather meant a lot of time outside this weekend, including a Saturday night gathering on the bridge at the Ware House. I will attempt to point out a few of my favorite things about this picture.Rob and Olivia are dancing the Cupid Shuffle, thanks to LaToya and Angela making sure we could hear the music outside. Although Rob is blocking Olivia, but you can see her hip popping out, indicating some serious dance moves. Note the fabulous fuschia dress and navy pashmina in motion. The gentleman to the left of the picture was a new addition, named Daniel, but managed to get renamed "Vanilla" by the end of the evening/morning. Note Todd in the right corner, with what appears to be a pout, maybe he wanted to dance! Not shown well in this picture are Lauchlin and Richard. The latter member of our gathering managed to fake a car alarm as an excuse to leave. Brilliant. Thanks for a great night!

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