Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking the Long Way

I received a notification last week that I had a package at the Post Office. Nothing strange about that, except it indicated that if I didn't pick it up by March 2, it would be returned to sender. This seemed a little harsh, since it was the first I had heard of it. I was expecting a package from DC, but it had just been mailed the week before. I pick it up on Friday and discover a gift from Liz across the world! Note the dates marked on the box, the first of which was December 27--am I THAT had to find and notify? Did the USPS keep it on the shelf for 2 months in case it contained live animals/plants? Very strange. I was also amused at the packaging of the ornament she sent. Not only bubble wrapped, but packed inside of this 3" pipe. I would make a snarky engineer comment here, but it did arrive unharmed and unbroken. Very cool--thanks, Liz!

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